Tips for Safer Computer Use

Use a safer computer. If anyone abusive has access to your computer he/she may monitor your computer activities. Try to use a safer computer when you look for help, a new place to live, etc. It may be safest to use a computer at a public library or community center.

Change passwords and PINs. Some abusers use victim’s email and other accounts to impersonate and cause harm. If anyone abusive knows or could guess your passwords, change them right away and then frequently moving forward. Update your password protected accounts such as: online banking, email, voicemail, etc.

Don’t use “Autofill” and “Suggest.” By turning off these options, no one who uses the computer after you will accidentally or purposefully see your user names or be able to log in to your accounts without needing the passwords.

Clear your internet history. You may want to change your internet browser settings to never remember browsing history. If that’s not possible, delete your history when closing your browser.

Click here for specific instructions on how to clear internet history from various browser options such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.