SHALVA Un-Dinner 2018

Women in abusive relationships are locked in a cycle of power and control by an abuser.

It takes a community.

Together, we can take the lid off the darkness and provide a safer future for women experiencing or recovering from domestic abuse.


You are invited to partner with SHALVA to ensure all Jewish women experiencing domestic abuse will get the help they need.



Open paths to healing.

Offer a safe and confidential space to be counseled by experts.

Open possibilities for a better future.

Provide financial assistance. Guide survivors as they navigate the legal system. Break the cycle of abuse via education.


Double Your Impact!

All new and increased gifts will be matched.



Thank you for ensuring women have a specialized place for culturally-sensitive counseling and supportive services. With a gift to the Un-Dinner, you can help provide…

$5,000 counseling sessions for one year for one survivor, at no charge

$3,600 SHALVA’s 24/7 help and crisis line for six months

$1,000 three sessions with SHALVA’s Legal Liaison for one survivor

$600    groceries, medicine and necessities for two survivors

$360    a safety plan and planning session for a survivor at physical risk

$180    one training session for medical personnel to learn how to identify signs of domestic abuse

$100    a warm and welcoming space, with refreshments and take-home resource books

A partner with the Jewish United Fund in serving our community.