Insights ~ December 2019

Gail’s Story: Phone Protections Needed


When Gail got divorced from Michael, she wisely got a new cell phone, switched carriers and changed all her passwords. Since she still needs to communicate with Michael about the kids, she gave him the new phone number. Somehow, he now seems to be watching Gail’s activities.

Gail is very shaken and anxious because Michael mentions the places she has been and people she has communicated with. He has even sent copies of texts she sent to others from her new phone. Gail can’t figure out how this is possible.

Michael’s behavior is abusive. Technology abuse is when someone stalks, harasses, threatens, monitors or impersonates another person through cell phones, GPS tracking, “smart” apps, social media, and the like.

Through counseling sessions and extensive safety planning with SHALVA, Gail is now more aware than ever about the seriousness of her situation. She understands the dangers which can be associated with technology abuse and is trying to protect herself and her children. Michael’s actions are a red flag for other kinds of abuse.

You can learn more tips for safer technology use here.

SHALVA’s Annual Luncheon on June 25, 2020 will highlight technology abuse and gaslighting.

Help survivors like Gail get a safety plan in place.


Illinois Announces Address Confidentiality Program


On Friday, December 13, 2019, The Office of Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul announced a new program that benefits domestic violence survivors.


“… The Illinois Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) will serve as a tool for survivors of domestic violence to consider when developing a safety plan in partnership with an advocate. The ACP will provide participants with a substitute address to use on their driver’s licenses or state identification cards and with state and local government entities, including schools. Using a substitute address may help prevent abusers from locating survivors. The ACP also provides a mail-forwarding service for all first-class mail sent to a participant at the substitute address…”


Beginning January 1, 2021, the ACP will be expanded and survivors of sexual assault and stalking will be eligible to enroll. The application and brochure can be found at


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