Insights ~ January 2020


A great way to say thank you

Imagine our therapist’s surprise when her client made a special holiday gift of “a box of sunshine just to say thank you for brightening up my day.” Through therapy, Jessica* has found moments of calm amid the chaos, which gave her the time to reflect and express her gratitude by filling the box.

Jessica has come a long way since her first frightened phone call to SHALVA. She knew her marriage wasn’t great, but she didn’t recognize that her husband’s behaviors were abusive until she began sharing her story with her therapist.

Along with appreciative sentiments, the box included many creative gifts:

  • A cup “for keeping my glass half full”
  • Juicy Fruit gum “for your sweet smile”
  • A flashlight “for lighting the way”
  • Yellow socks “for walking the path with me”
  • A pen “for helping me rewrite my story”

The free counseling sessions you provided Jessica gave her the time and space she needed to learn better coping skills. Despite the uncertainty of her contentious divorce, she is feeling hopeful for herself and her children. “Knowing that people care gives us the strength for the hard days yet to come,” she said.


*name has been changed for client confidentiality


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