Insights ~ October 2018

Movie Night!

SHALVA is a proud sponsor of the Chicago Festival of Israeli Film 7th annual evening of Films By & About Women! A SHALVA clinician will be discussing issues addressed by “Fractures”, described as “…a timely #MeToo film that raises many universal questions, feelings and dilemmas women—and men—are dealing with everywhere today,” on Wednesday, October 24. Join us for the movie and stay for the discussion after. Tickets are available here!




Thinking of Leaving? Tips to Prepare Yourself

Even if you are just thinking about leaving your partner, there are helpful steps you can take to make sure you have important financial and medical information/records in case you need to leave quickly. Make copies of items listed below and secure them in a safe place outside of your home.

  • Birth certificates, Social Security cards, and passports or immigration papers for you and your children
  • Health insurance cards for you and your children
  • Financial records, including recent bank statements and stocks or mutual fund records
  • Housing documents, such as rental agreements, mortgage statements, or the title or deed
  • Most recent credit report (you can request one for free via LINK (link is external))
  • The title or lease paperwork for your car
  • Statements for any retirement plans
  • Tax returns from the past two years
  • A written copy of phone numbers or important addresses, in case you cannot get to your cellphone or address book

If you can’t make copies of certain documents, determine if you can access them online.


13.1 for a Worthy Cause

Marc Rosenstock, SHALVA board member, ran the Chicago Half Marathon on September 23 as part of the Run DV Out of Town team, a coalition of Chicago domestic violence organizations. We asked Marc to reflect on the race and his experience on the board.

How was the race?

During my run, I loved hearing the Run DV Out of Town cheerleaders as I approached the finish line. It gave me a little extra boost, helping me complete the 13.1 miles. It was an honor to be a part of this group effort and support such a worthy cause.

What has surprised you most about what you have learned about working with domestic abuse survivors?

The importance of just being there. It makes such a difference in a person’s life. Through survivor stories, you find that being available and acknowledging what someone is going through is a great source of strength. I’ve found this to be true through the amazing work that SHALVA does and have applied this to my personal interactions, as well.

What do you think will change about domestic abuse over the next five years?

The national news is bringing incredible attention to this subject. I hope that over the next five years, more women will feel empowered and supported enough to identify as survivors and tell their stories.  I hope that our culture, as a result, will shift to a world where it is unacceptable to leverage any kind of power to domestically abuse another.


Chicago Marathon

Congrats to our Community Education Coordinator, Samantha Spolter, a Run DV Out of Town team member, for completing the marathon in great time!




Dear Evan Hansen

Want to see Dear Evan Hansen, the award-winning musical? Join SHALVA on Sunday, March 3, 2019 for the 2 pm performance at the Oriental Theatre.

SHALVA has loge and side orchestra tickets available.Ticket information can be found here.





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