Insights ~ March 2020


Shari is Safe Because of You


Shari was a very successful executive at an ad agency. Soon after she moved in with her boyfriend of eight years, he demanded she turn over her paychecks to him. He also controlled all the household finances. She wasn’t even allowed to have a debit card for the bank account and could only use cash so he could see where every dollar went.


A few months later, he slapped her during an argument about money. Shari began to fear for her safety. She knew she had to leave him but did not know how.


With the help of a SHALVA therapist, Shari created a safety plan. She packed a bag with clothes and important financial documents and stored it in her car, so that she would be ready to leave quickly if the violence escalated. Over many months, she spoke with her therapist about her previous relationships, as well as what life could be like on her own.


When Shari was ready and it felt safe to leave, she moved in with a friend from work that her boyfriend did not know. She changed her cell phone number and opened a new bank account to save for her new life.


Your support gave Shari free counseling and funds for the security deposit to move into her own apartment. She finally feels safe and can continue to receive services as she continues to heal.





The Broadway musical


is coming to Chicago…



Sunday November 8

1 pm matinee

Cadillac Palace Theatre






Mark your calendar for June 25 – SHALVA’s Annual Luncheon.


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