Are you or someone you know experiencing (or previously experienced) any of the following with your intimate partner?

  • Emotional and/or verbal: constant criticism, derogatory and humiliating comments, makes threats to hurt loved ones, coerces, intimidates
  • Economic: controls finances and/or household spending, prohibits employment, misuses credit
  • Psychological: minimizes the abuse, blames another person for the abuse, threatens, destroys property or harms pets, brainwashes, isolates from friends and family
  • Physical: causes pain or injury, such as hitting, kicking, shoving or slapping through force
  • Sexual: harasses, manipulates or forces to have sex against will or withholding sex and/or affection as punishment
  • Spiritual: undermines religious needs and spiritual beliefs

If so, SHALVA can help.

For Survivors

  • Strictest level of safety and confidentiality (incoming calls have no caller ID)
  • Counseling and supportive services free of charge in a safe and supportive environment
  • Sensitivity and understanding to cultural practices and religious observance
  • Domestic violence education

For Community, Friends and Family

  • Counseling over the phone on how to help your loved one
  • Coaching on how to encourage your friend or family member to seek professional assistance
  • Educational materials
  • Resources and referrals

Confidentiality is strictly enforced. SHALVA “will not confirm or deny” that someone is a client.

Click here for ways to help a survivor.

SHALVA will meet with clergy and lay leaders regarding domestic abuse in the Jewish community. Additionally, we have dedicated staff that present educational programs specific to Chicago’s general community, legal community, “Under 40” Adult Jewish community and Orthodox community. Click here for more information on SHALVA’s Community Education programs.